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This New Year’s Eve was reminiscent of the final day of 2001. I didn’t go out and party on either; just stayed in and waited for the night – and the dreadful year – to end.

Both years had similarities. In March 2001 and March 2008 my family faced sudden unemployment, resulting in personal insecurity, bitterness and financial challenges. While the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks took thousands of lives and forever changed the world, the Floods of 2008 also had that same sense of Armageddon. I had that same eerie feeling during the flood and its aftermath as I did that fateful Tuesday in 2001 and the days following. In both years, the nation’s economy faltered with it finally sliding into an all-out recession in 2008.

But as 2002 brought new hope and joy into my life when my son was born in November, I am optimistic 2009 will also be a year of growth and personal prosperity. I am preparing for my 20-year class reunion which will probably be held in August or September, and I am determined to lose weight and get my groove back.

In 1999 I lost a bunch of weight with the protein diet. This was at my cousin's wedding in Washington state.

In 1999 I lost a bunch of weight with the protein diet. This was at my cousin's wedding in Washington state.

The journey will not be quick or achieved by drastic measures. In 1999, I shed about 35 pounds in three months with the protein diet. It basically consisted of meat, cheese and eggs. Milk, bread, pasta and even fruits and vegetables were off the list. I was faithful to the regimen for about eight months and then got bored with it. The 35 pounds came back within about month of returning those forbidden foods into my diet.


While I am just as serious about getting back into shape this time around, I am going to take a different approach. On New Year’s Day, I didn’t starve myself or give up all of my vices cold turkey. I was more conscientious of what I ate and when the Hawks mounted a three-touchdown lead in the Outback Bowl, my family and I went swimming (that is one of the perks of being married to a swimming coach with access to the pool).

I didn’t throw away the chips and bottle of Bailey’s that was already in the house, but it’s unlikely those types of items will make their way back into my kitchen anytime soon. Goal no. 1 is to replace the culprits with foods higher in nutrition and lower in calories. This also includes letting the Ranch dressing run out and not using it with nearly everything. I am a dipper – any suggestions to replace the Ranch?

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