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I can’t pinpoint exactly what made me decide to do this – so publicly. Maybe it was getting together with a bunch of my high school buddies at the Iowa-Minnesota game in November. Maybe it’s the double chin prevalent in every recent picture of me.

Wearing the sleek black dress with Jeff Holmes on Valentine's Day 1996.

Wearing the sleek black dress with Jeff Holmes on Valentine's Day 1996.

Maybe it was reading about the sleek black dress to wear for the holidays (yes, I used to have one). Oh, and there’s the borderline high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, too.   



Have I really settled into frumpdom? The recent gathering with the buddies proved that we are still as funny, spunky and snarky as we were back in the day. But why should that only come out once every five or more years?

I hate to say New Year’s Resolution because I intend to lose weight and better myself every January. And that’s only really happened once – in 1999. I am looking for a life transformation, not just in health and appearance, but also in overall productiveness and happiness. My 20th class reunion coming up later this year provides a pretty good incentive to set goals and complete many of them by August or September.

I have all sorts of excuses for my plumpness and frumpness. I will go over them in more detail in future blogs. Over the past decade they include thyroid surgery and the subsequent whacked out levels and depression; dealing with my 6-year-old son’s autism and developmental delays; helping my husband start a business while maintaining a full-time job; unemployment and financial struggles. Those are the bigger ones. Others include the never-ending candy jar across from my desk; getting home too late to exercise; the weather being too hot or too cold to go for a walk; and being partial to high-calorie micro-brewed beer and foofy creamy drinks.

These excuses can either be worked around or remedied all together. During

Williamsburg High School graduate in 1989

Williamsburg High School graduate in 1989

this experience, I will need help and frank suggestions from you, the reader. So please chime in.

I’ll leave you with a video of Rod Stewart’s “Forever Young,”

 This song was out during my senior year at Williamsburg High School and was the first song I heard when I turned on my radio the morning of my last day of school. It still rings true 20 years later. 

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