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One of my familiar excuses for not working out has been popping up a lot lately. The weather. It’s too cold, snowy and icy to go for a walk. It’s too dark to get motivated to drive out to the gym. And it’s just too darn warm and cozy sitting in bed with my new laptop.

OK, so I could do something in the house. I don’t have a Wii Fit. I sold the stationary bike when we moved here from Kansas because this house is much smaller than the old Victorian we left. I can’t use the big TV downstairs with my workout tapes (“8 Minute Buns is my favorite) because my husband is studying for grad school courses.  Did I mention the warm and cozy bed?

So, what to do? After the big snowfall Friday night, I shoveled out the entire driveway Saturday out of necessity. I wanted to go to the gym and I had to dig out the car. Turns out, I was so exhausted after an hour of shoveling, I didn’t go to the gym. According to Matt Weik of, shoveling can burn from 300 to 500 calories per hour. Not bad.

How about cleaning the house? I know I work up a sweat while cleaning the bathroom, especially scrubbing the shower.  Carrying laundry back and forth between upstairs and downstairs, vacuuming, rearranging furniture, picking up toys and taking out the garbage all burn calories. Here’s a calculator showing how many calories you burn doing chores.

My son Sage helping daddy up the sledding hill.

My son Sage helping daddy up the sledding hill.

If it’s too cold, there is opportunity to burn calories and have fun in the snow. Sledding down a big hill and walking back up to the top dozens of times certainly wears me out. The child, of course, could do the routine for hours on end. Oh, yes, the child. One of my favorite forms of exercise is singing and dancing with him. Depending on the song, that is a quite a workout. And we carry on like nobody is watching.





Any other ideas for working out in the winter? I could be encouraged to get a Wii if somebody would invite me to try out theirs…

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