Time to unite under Obama

Posted on: January 20, 2009

The night before Election Day my husband came to bed and said, “This night eight years ago we had a beautiful house we loved, we both had good, stable jobs and we were happy.” In a sense, with the exception of our son who was born in 2002, we had it all in November 2000.

Brian Ray/The Gazette                                                                       President Barack Obama
Brian Ray/The Gazette President Barack Obama


Fast forward to November 2008 and we lived in a house half the size which we owe more than its value, we both had our share of employment ups and downs, and we continued to struggle financially as my husband pursues his masters degree in special education after being thrown out the businesses he started. Were we still happy? Let’s just say we’re happy we survived the past years with our marriage and sanity still intact.

The 2008 election provided us, as well as many Americans, a sense of hope and renewal. Barack Obama’s overwhelming win was a stark contrast to the drawn-out 2000 election which was ultimately decided by the Supreme Court. The sense of unity that our new President instructed us to have just didn’t seem natural.

Now I am not naïve or irresponsible enough to blame all of my maladies of the past eight years on the Bush administration. He didn’t cause my health problems or the changes in the newspaper industry. And I am of the belief that 9/11 would have happened when it did no matter who was President. As an American, I thank the Bush administration for the security it has provided us at home since that horrible day.   

But it is time for a change – in leadership and attitude. Throughout the primary season, Barack Obama was not my first choice. I thought he was too young and inexperienced and the “Yes We Can” chant seemed like transparent propaganda.  It wasn’t until the Democratic National Convention that I finally changed my mind and believed our country could thrive under his leadership.

Let’s face it – our country is a mess right now. With a tanked economy, drawn-out wars and a deterioration of the middle class, it’s not going to be a quick or easy fix. President Obama knows that and, hopefully, the American people will be patient.

Watching the inauguration, I got the feeling the tide is turning. Not just because of a new administration, but because of the reaction and attitude of the people. The emotion was evident on the faces of people of all races and age. We are ready to stand together and work hard to get our country back to its greatness.    

8 Responses to "Time to unite under Obama"

Great piece and very well written! Really hits home the significance of today and our nation’s renewed hope.

Thanks FrumpFan. I hope the joy of this day continues through the rough times ahead.

‘a sense of hope and renewal.’ Im not sure Obama taking us back to the days of overly involved Government, Carter’s depression and Roosevelt’s socialism brings hope to my soul or a sense of renewal.

The Government is the reason were in this mess, falsely inflating the housing industry with pressure and legislation under Clinton to give bad loans to people who couldn’t afford it, Frankilin Raines, a Clinton post, stealing 100’s of millions while running Fannie Mae into the ground and Barney Frank/Nancy Pelosi refusing to allow correction of that bad legislation are what got us here. (all democrat-liberals)

Our current economic trials are only the market correcting itself, raising taxes and stealing money from those who earned to redistribute to those who don’t will not restore the economy but destroy the middle class, you think it’s bad now talk to an elder who experienced America in the late 70’s before Reagan turned us in the correct direction.

This country IS great, because the people who are here and Not because OBAMA was elected. We need to return to what made us great, being responsible and solving our own troubles. Obama already turned tail and wont go after Osama like he insisted must be done when he was campaining.

Emotion, feelings, this is our future, this is our country, we shouldn’t be voting and making decisions on Feelings, thats why people go to college, to be able to reason deduce and think freely. Counselors tell their Patients don’t make decisions when your feeling, wait until your calm and can think straight.

No one runs businesses on feelings, your husband will use his gut feeling as a last resort as he test’s for his degree not his primary decision maker.

Your rights will be eroded as this new, big government moves in to solve all your problems. It is scary that we live in a time when The USSR is moving to a free market system and America is moving to socialism. The ship is turned, turned in the wrong direction.

You will remember this post and regret your vote, we are headed for distruction and 40+ million have been blinded by skin color, popularity and feelings. Welcome to America in the 21st centu

Dear Michael,

You may have tuned out much of Obama’s inaugural address but let me remind you of something he said: the question is not if gov’t is too big or too small, but if government is working. The days of distracted rhetoric are ending, big or small means nothing. We’ve seen how a massive military doesn’t work when plans and a cultural understanding aren’t in place. Your arguments, sound like they are coming from someone that is living a lie, full of displaced emotions, internal anger, and slightly naive to your own vulnerabilities.
Bin Laden’s goal was to have a ‘holy war’, guess what, George Bush gave it to him. Bombs and missiles can’t destroy ideas.

Your arguments are old, and exhausted. The thing most amusing about your post is that President Obama has been in office 2 days …. 48 hours!!!!!

What have you done in the last 48 hours?

Why would anyone remember your post? It states nothing new. Let me guess you watch Fox News….?

‘the question is not if gov’t is too big or too small, but if government is working.’

Any government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have. When our Gov worked the best is when it was small and acted closely to the intentions of the constitution. The less it does the better America, the more it does (Fannie Mae) the worse America gets.

‘Your arguments, sound like they are coming from someone that is living a lie, full of displaced emotions, internal anger, and slightly naive to your own vulnerabilities.’

If you could explain what you mean, ‘living a lie’, you don’t know me and are out of line, accusing me of being a hypocrite based upon a bolg posting, give some evidence here rather than make accusation and we can exchange ideas.

Displaced emotions-internal anger, you mean properly placed frustration and disappointment. The greatest problem our country faces is our crooked governments who overstep the jurisdiction and i’m upset about it. Congress now prepares a bill for B.O. to undermine state law, the 10th amendment states

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor
prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to
the people.

Roe v Wade should never of been a federal issue then, and like now, at a time when the government will be large and inappropriately envolved, they will get envolved where they have no constitutional base to do so and undermine states that are dealing with abortion and other state issues.

I hope you dont think our representatives in Government are honest upright people who only have your best interest at heart?

‘slightly naive to your own vulnerabilities.’

Nope, im a sinner saved by grace, who takes up his own responsibility and moves forward at my best ability. If i cant get it done, even when I try my best i’ll ask for help. IT IS NOT THE GOVERNEMENTS JOB TO SOLVE ALL OUR TROUBLES, READ THE CONSTITUTION!!

I could really sling some accusations at you and probably be more accurate and more undermining than you but i won’t, ill let your own words speak for themselves.

‘Bombs and missiles can’t destroy ideas.’

Please get some info, worldwide action by terrorist groups have never been lower because of our effort. Our world has been and will be a place of war the best we can do is limit our enemies and keep them weak which is exactly what we have done.

‘The thing most amusing about your post is that President Obama has been in office 2 days …. 48 hours!!!!!’

I wish you could see a bigger picture. It’s not about these 48 hours, its about direction, its about his plans how they are outdated, how they have been instituted before by Roosevelt and Carted and almost destroyed our country. This is the trouble, too many people don’t pay attention to what matters, DONT KNOW SQUAT ABOUT HISTORY, a persons character the company he keeps.

Out dated ideas, they might be old, but not outdated. In West Virginia a exit poll showed 95% of black Americans voters voted B.O., the next highest percentage of people agreeing on a candidate was 46% of Dems and 39% of Rep. People voted for B.O. not because he was a person who could run the Government, but that he talked well, was ‘change’ and was black. My arguments are found in reality, of whats going on around me, did you even have an argument, besides trying to undermine me with insults.

FOx news, no I stay away from the t.v., no reason to pipe manure into my living room. I guess I could sling this back at you though, you remind me of the 25 major tv anchors reporting the campaign, i dont watch t.v. whats you excuse.

Chew on this, how have we come so far? Rev. Martin Luther king Jr. wanted Black Americans to be measured by their character and not their skin color, yet 95% of Black Americans exit polled in the precinct in W.V. agreed on B.O. while the next closest group of agreement, dems, was less than half 46% for B.O. How have we come so far when it appears that the people who have been discriminated against because of their skin color now make decisions based upon skin color? Im not racist either my daughter is black, just looking at reality here!

FOx news, no I stay away from the t.v., no reason to pipe manure into my living room. I guess I could sling this back at you though, you remind me of the 25 major tv anchors reporting the campaign, B.O. is great because he transcends and has good ideas–what are they, what does he transcend-feelings he makes people feel he’s good, his ideas-im not sure. I dont watch t.v. whats your excuse.


Lets start with the constitution: TORTURE IS ILLEGAL, under any circumstances. WIRETAPPING, SPYING ON AMERICAN CITIZENS IS ILLEGAL. These are the scenarios that defined the Bush Admin.’s take on the Constitution. DETAINING ANYONE WITHOUT JUST CAUSE OR A FAIR TRIAL IS ILLEGAL. Habeas Corpus—look it up. What is the company you keep……? I prefer to be on the side that doesn’t resemble the Nazis or North Korea. Why are we in Iraq again, oh yeah because the intelligence was cooked and the American people were duped by fear.

Freddie Mac: this is on Bush’s watch, sorry. You somehow allude to the idea that this is all because of Obama being elected. The GOP had 8 years to make gov’t work and guess what, they pissed it down the drain with Greed and Deregulation.

I don’t think most people voted for Obama because he was Black, it was because he is an extremely intelligent and talented person. It’s 2009, big deal if someone does or doesn’t look or talk like me. Do they have ideas? Can they motivate people to make our country a better place? If the answer is yes, well then maybe I should associate myself with that person.

Your argument that our world is somehow a safer place since Bush’s war on terror started is just flat wrong. His own people had to say this. The war reports that have been conducted all say the same thing; there are more terrorist, more jihads, more plots against our country than before Bush took office. This should tell you something. You can’t destroy ideas with Bombs.

Abortion: NO ONE WANTS TO HAVE AN ABORTION, IT IS NOT A MEANS OF CONTRACEPTION. I am a Christian; I believe that ultimately God will judge me, not you, not my government, God. The reason the Federal Government needs to be involved is to protect women against having to have abortions performed in alleys. People are not going to stop making love; women are going to get pregnant, sometimes even in unfortunate incidents of rape. There are times when they have to make an enormous decision, a decision that carries so much weight that anyone who pretends to understand it is ignorant. If a woman decides to have an abortion she is making a decision that will affect her for the rest of her life. Some scripture: ‘DON’T JUDGE LEST YE BE JUDGED’. I am not here to judge, Let God do the Judging.

My excuse: I LOVE MY COUNTRY SO MUCH I THINK IT CAN BE A BETTER PLACE THAN IT CURRENTLY IS. I don’t believe in torture, I don’t believe in neglecting human beings to their basic rights and the rights guaranteed by our constitution. I think America has to lead the World in doing what is right.

*“…people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy”.

you said…Lets start with the constitution: TORTURE IS ILLEGAL…

were talking about the new direction of B.O. and the new liberal agenda not what Bush has done, in fact he walked the fence.not sure he was conservative.


read it agian, it only applies to citizens!!

you said…Fannie Mae..

in 1997 Clinton and current Liberal leaders passed bad legislation to pressure Mortgage companies into giving bad loans to those who cant pay it back.

In 2004 Franklin Raines a liberal Clinton appointment and current colleague of B.O, was arrest tried and plea bargained for stealing $100million from F.M. while running it into the ground. Bush and Repub’s fought to change the prior Clinton legislation in 2004 but Reed and Frank insisted things were fine and fought repub, leadership until the Market finally collapsed.

F.M.’s failure is a dem-liberal problem and the people who screwed us then are still here. B.O. just appointed man to the treasury who didnt file his taxes in 4 years and lied saying “i forgot”, character issues here, not good leadership. DOnt pay your taxes and see if they go easy on you, not change another good old boy!

You said …Do they have ideas?…

what plans does B.O. have beside spreading your wealth? That doesn’t make the country a better place, its called robbery and higher taxes at some point again, not change

you said …more plots against our country…

Do you know the difference between a plot and action? There have always been lots of plans, there had not been a time with less success of their endeavors, terrorist action/violence is down, this is change!

about abortion, sorry to get you going, my point was of the intended envolvement by the new administration, not about abortion itself. Abortion is a state issue according to the constitution.

New Fed leadership is already undermining our rights.


only to you and me, you should be more concerned with the 50million victims over the last 35 years and less the perpetrators. if you would like to know more please watch ‘the silent scream’.

you said…Federal Government needs to be involved…

You cant have it both ways, you can’t use the constitution to back your point with torture then throw it out when it suits you,either its the law or its not. Please be consistant when arguin!!!

Leaving the issue to the states does not make women have abortions in alleys. MOST of the time its about people not being responsible and handling sex appropriately. Abortion is a 4 billion dollar industry sub-subsidized by the Gov and your tax dollars, you are paying for it.

If our culture would shift back to personal accountability, away from immediate gratification we wouldn’t have more than 10,000 abortions a year due to incest, rape or disfunction, a far cry from 1.5 million. I dont like any but i’m willing to negotiate.

since were on the issue, Harkin voted to allow your teenage daughter to not inform you while she crossed state lines while she got her abortion, great Dem-liberal leadership there.

The bible eludes several time …if anyone causes these to sin, woe to him! if i encourage you to sin, help you along that path and pay for you to do it, yes I will be held accountable!

PLease dont quote scripture to take people off the hook, we are in trouble as a race before God Because we live off the hook, your saved do you rememver the whole crucifixion thing, dying for our sins,CHrist sayin “go and sin no more”?

God will judge them, in fact we are called to be fruit inspectors please check scripture and see what I mean.

tell them the truth. Adoption lets your child live, abortion hurts you and kills your baby. Read up on Christs devotion to children and what he warned would happen to those who hurt them, the innocent. You should be warning women not protecting them, you should hep them, yet you help no one but take yourself off the hook.

you said…not what you destroy…

so if i destroy poverty I wont get recognition, wait you said we shoulden’t judge, it’s a campaign speech, it’s rederic to get you to vote for him, he’s just a man and hasn’t shown he’s more than an average one at that.

you said…CURRENTLY IS. I don’t believe in torture, I don’t believe in neglecting human beings…

SO the country gets better when B.O. takes my money to redistribute to those who didn’t earn it? Don’t I have the right to be taxed fairly, not punished for working hard and earning my share?

So the country is better when the Government tries to solve my problems. Any time the Gov steps in to help, it creates a process to complete that action, that function has to be followed according to the process, no more freedom.

You are a bible reading person, look up gleaning. Its from the old testament,its how the Israelites cared for the widows, orphans, needy… The farmers left some crops in the field so the needy could come, learn, work and gain skills to provide for themselves. We don’t need a hand-out from B.O., according to the Bible, we need to learn to solve our problems as independently as possible and leave hope in Christ not B.O.

You said …I don’t believe in torture…

Im slightly off base but I have to hit you with this. Christ said “there will be wars and rumors of wars”regarding the future and “I am the prince of peace.” There will be war until the Prince comes back, let us examine how The Father told the Israelites to lay waste to their enemies.

“take no prisoners, kill everthing, men, women, children and all the animals, scourge them from the Earth” and when some were allowed to live God removed his blessing from his people for disobediance.

I am not saying we have been appropriated by God to fight these wars but that our supposed ‘torture’ the last few years doesn’t seem so drastic after this history lesson.

I agree America can be better, it needs to return to what made it great, not the liberal rag it has become where pleasure and lust reign.

you said…I think America has to lead the World in doing what is right….

So we are wrong to fight terrorism, terrorist have been giving us trouble for 3 decades, we just got after them 8 years ago when they brought the towers down and eventually collapsed our economy, not Bush.

So B.O. is right to sit down with a man, Admeninajad, that calls you and I a great Satan? The only reason B.O. Leaves that meeting with his head attached to his sholders is because he is the Pres.

Admeninajad has vowed to remove us from the Earth because our wayward Sinful Western culture, ‘isreal is a satan and America the Great Satan”.

If America became occupied by Radical Islamists, liberals would be beheaded without option of conversion because their ‘great sin’ their moral waywardness, there are no homesexuals in Iran, no abortions.

B.O. would be first because he promotes great sin of homosexuality(detestable according to scripture) and abortion(arguable based on Christs teaching of children) to his country and to the world. If you and I had been Christian crusaders, fighting this sinful culture, we would get the option to convert, however we haven’t so we won’t.

Sorry about my copy and paste errors on my last post. I think i’m better here.

since you are Christian compare the Liberal agenda, gay marriage, abortion, limiting personal liberties, stealing to the calling of scripture. Your not one of those Christmas and Easter only’ies are you? if you read your Bible outside of Church this will be easy

The new liberal movement does not represent you, you should be concerned with the borderline worship and revelry happening with B.O., are you?

In what way is Obama going to take your money? Either a) you make over $200,000 a year or b) you failed to consider that your money/my money, just bought a bunch of banks in Nov. and is already gone. Talk about Socialism–Gov’t buying banks. Republicans buying banks with ‘our money’. Congrats buddy, you own a bank and so do I.

Where else has ‘our’ money gone? Try about $$$1.6 Trillion to Iraq. A moron’s war. Trillion of Dollars, Gone. Not even gone, untraceable.

How can you make an argument that Obama is going to take your money? If you are making over $200,000 dollars you should pay more taxes. You say you care about children, look at our early education programs….gone…. look at the state of our schools….horrible. For what? For a MORON’S WAR. All that money could have helped our children, but instead the War Mongers insist on destroying someone’s house and life.

I make around $32,000 a year. You know how much I lose to taxes…? More than a 1/3. My 1/3+ kills me. Remember when Gas was $5.00 a gallon— that killed me.

Ali Hoseyni Khāmene’i — look him up. You talking points sound like Bill O’Reily. You are drinking the kool-aid pal.

Why in God’s name would I encourage anyone to sin, thats ridiculous. What I am saying is this:
The literal interpretation of the bible is the problem. Good triumphs evil, so why would any Christian condone war? Love thy Neighbor.
I’m so tired of Christianity being hijacked by people that discriminate, believe in violence, and judge.
Jesus hung out with the scum of the world.
Gay marriage should be allowed. Christianity doesn’t own the idea of ‘marriage’. They own the idea of Christian Marriage. Marriage is defined as a union of two people, a legal union. It’s a legal issue not a moral issue. Plus if two people love each other and want to have a legal document that expresses their ‘commitment’ to each other, why the hell shouldn’t they have the right to do that? Look at the divorce rate these days…. OVER 50%. I think the sanctity of marriage needs some help.
Is Christianity not supposed to be about LOVE?
I’m not sure if you are aware but in some circles of Contemporary Theology, scholars have compared the way Jesus would have been treated while he lived and preached to that of how Gay people are treated today. Beaten, discriminated against, spit-on, told they we’re going to hell….think about it.

Rise Above My Friend. This world has enough hate, enough discrimination. Love Dog, its all about Love.

Are you seriously scared that the United States is going to be occupied by Islamic Radicals? What planet are you living on? Have you ever been to Texas?

Thank you for questioning my ‘level of Christianity’. Very Brave of You.


Borderline worship—–Come On’ Bill O…. don’t you have any new material.
What’s wrong with believing in someone that is a brilliant person and earned his living by writing books? Unfortunately there are only a handful of ‘fake cowboy rich kids —i.e. G.Bush’ around.

Since when has the US been a ‘liberal rag’? The Republicans have been in charge for the last 8 years, need I remind you.
Am I missing something?

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