I can do this

Posted on: January 4, 2009

Just got back from the first post-holiday grocery shopping spree. For the past month or so (well, I have to include Thanksgiving, so two months) my trips to the store have resulted in egg nog, cookie ingredients, stuffed olives and other high-calorie indulgences.

This time I wasn’t planning for any dinners, parties or football games – just focused on the desire to eat healthier. I forgot how many good-for-you, low-fat, low-calories foods I actually like. Really like.

Previously, I mentioned my weakness for Ranch dressing and was seeking substitutes for my dipping obsession. Spicy brown mustard has zero calories and light raspberry pecan dressing has a fraction of Ranch. Other low-calorie, yet filling, snacks I seemed to have forgotten about include pickles, salsa and peppers.

There is an argument that it is more expensive to eat healthy. True, you can pick up generic Ding-Dongs and Twinkies for about a buck, but at the store where I shop, you can also snag a head of lettuce for 79 cents. With the right toppings, that will be good for at least three lunches.

My trip to the grocery store has given me renewed excitement about my journey to get my groove back. I can do this.

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Buy those roasted red peppers in a jar to put on salads. Really good

Have you tried Hummus for a dip? It’s not calorie-free, but it’s lower in fat and higher in protein and fiber.

Yes, I do like hummus. My problem is I could eat a whole tub in one sitting if I’m not careful!

There are some really good fat free/low cal Ranch dressings available, including making your own from a mix, allowing you to choose the “cream” base. Can you say fat free/sugar free yogurt?? 🙂

Thanks Marty.
I really don’t care for fat-free or low-cal Ranch. It’s kind of like Diet Mountain Dew – if you can’t have the real thing, forget it. But making it from a mix sounds good.

frumpfighter… I know it has been some time since your posting; I hope all is going well. I just ran across this site by Google while searching something. Anyway, I read it and wanted to give you my two cents and possible encouragement.

I know it is very hard. I read your comment about the Mountain Dew thing…that is exactly the way I was, I hated Diet Mountain Dew and refused to drink it. I didn’t like anything diet really…didn’t care for that taste it left behind…if it could wash that taste down with it, we would be in business. I just never could drink it, so I stuck with the regular Dew.

In August 2008, I was at my heaviest weight of 260lbs, when I had a medical emergency. I was sick and initially lost 15lbs., but the medicine I was prescribed and will (they tell me) stay on for the rest of my life makes all carbonated drinks (including my beloved Mountain Dew) taste like metal.

Granted, I know this posting sounds as though it is all about Mountain Dew, but actually I am going to make another point…lol! Of course, the MD, as they all say, said that my condition could have been caused by my weight (it was fluid on my brain, not sure how it caused that, but “ok”). Losing that initial 15lbs. and being so sick, put it all in perspective for me.

Despite my weight, I was healthy before this sudden onset of this fluid on my brain in August – no medicines for anything…no diagnoses…just overweight. This condition made my body go haywire…now I take medicine for everything; I take over 40 pills per day and it is taking a severe toll on my body. I have no short term memory due to the medication. Anyway…you get the picture. So, all this gave me the enough willpower and perspective to begin to attempt to lose weight.

I began by watching my calories…counting them. I started eating much healthier, adding 100% whole wheat, whole grain cereals, more fruits and vegetables, cutting down on butter (margarine), mayonnaise, cutting back on little things that causes me to have calories that I don’t need, eating a bowl of whole grain cereal for supper with skim milk rather than a big meal (but I eat it later on…or that way I won’t be munching all the way up til bedtime), also I put some fresh berries or something on my cereal, eat apple slices, half of a banana, or kiwi with my cereal. I do little things like this to eat healthier. And of course, make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day…or more.

Try to be more active. I know it is hard to get out an exercise all the time, but sometimes you have to make yourself do it. Get a buddy and walk. But don’t “depend” on that buddy, because if that buddy can’t do it, then you feel lost and then you may not it. I tell people, if you are one that don’t like getting outside and walking or playing sports or anything like that, stay inside and do jumping jacks during your favorite TV show’s commerical (each commercial break – do jumping jacks). If it’s weight that you need to lose, then it cardio that you need to do.

Now, here comes the big weight loss secret in my “calorie counting” diet. Count your carbs too. Keep a log of what you eat every single day and the carbs will tell you exactly how many carbs you eat. I am not saying you have to do the Atkins diet and cut yourself down to 20g of Carbs a day….I don’t think that works and I think most of those gain it back. If you will see what you typically eat over a period of 3 to 7 days this should give you a good idea on how many carbs you eat on any given day. What I did for myself (remember, I am no doctor, so this is not medical advice), I was eating/drinking on average 200g per day I cut this amount in half and this is my budget for the day. So, now I see that my budget of carbs is 100g and my calories is 1400 (my goal weight is 140lbs, so you multiply 140 x 10 = 1400).

To be honest, I started out just doing the calorie counting and I was losing a little bit, but not that much…maybe 1 pound every 2-3 weeks, but as I weighed myself every 2-3 days, I yo-yo’d by 1-3lbs. Now that I started counting my carbs, I am consistently losing 2-3lbs per week. I have lost a total of 62lbs.

You can do it!!! It takes a little bit of patience! You are tough! You can lose the weight you need to lose and never look back.

If you need any help or encouragement, shoot me an email! If you have any questions, please ask!

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